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Potrero Shower Installation

Showers are a vital part of a person’s day. If you plan to get a new shower for your bathroom, it pays to consider the needs and preferences of everyone in the house who will use it. For top-notch, properly-installed showers, Bathroom Renovation has everything you need.

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On top of our products’ first-rate durability and attractiveness, our shower installation experts at Bathroom Renovation put importance on the functionality, accessibility, and convenience of our shower features. We want our clients to receive the full comfort that a good shower system can provide. This includes, of course, considering the needs of both children and adults alike, as well as those who are differently-abled.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let’s talk it out during a free consultation. Get ready to enjoy the most durable, elegant, and functional showers for your home with Bathroom Renovation, the leading Potrero, CA shower installation company.

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Wide Shower Entrance

A great example of how we aim to cater to the special needs of children, elderly, or differently-abled people is the various accessibility selections that we have beginning on the shower entrance.

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Glass enclosures are made to separate the shower area from the bath. But if you’re considering accessibility, we can add a wide shower entrance with shower curtains or barriers for easier entrance. We can also firmly install shower benches, which are safer and more secure than removable seats.

We also provide options for those who prioritize aesthetics and getting an updated, modern style for their bathroom’s interior design. Our bathroom design experts can help you find the best features and visual elements to add to your shower.

Handheld Shower Head

walk in tub hand held shower headA handheld showerhead allows users to fully control water flow when showering without necessarily making large movements in contrast to a static shower head attached to the wall. It also works great when the user sits down on the shower bench.

This feature is perfect for users who suffer from injuries, arthritis, joint pains, or other medical conditions that prevent them from moving too much or standing up too long. If you live with elders, such as your parents or grandparents, this type of shower will make their bath experience safer, more convenient and more relaxing.

Non-Slippery Shower Flooring

bathroom with shower and bathtubAccidents involving people slipping while showering are not rare.

Bathroom Renovation offers a wide range of non-slip shower flooring, from permanent floor types to additions of mats designed for showers.

Choose among a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials to suit your preferences.

Get them all with top-notch installation services from the best Potrero shower installation company, Bathroom Renovation.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Potrero Shower Installation bath planet logo 1 300x48As your leading Potrero, CA shower installation company, we put prime significance on providing free consultations with our potential clients. This is so we can closely hear all your needs, preferences, goals, budget, and the area we’re going to work with. We are ready to hear all about your expectations and vision. We guarantee the full blast of our resources and skills as we aim to finish the entire shower installation in just one day.

Trust Bathroom Renovation for all your Potrero shower installation needs.

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